About Moi

Hello Everyone!

I am currently an MLIS student at the University of South Florida with a bachelors in Anthropology also obtained from USF. Initially wanting to to pursue a career in Archaeology I turned my focus to a broader field where I could make a difference. Libraries have been my first school since I was never enrolled in pre-K and often times allowed me to go on many adventures without demolishing my bank account. I have always loved libraries and when I started the MLIS program at USF I met so many amazing individuals and the fit felt just right. The majority of the librarians I’ve met seem to have a rebellious steak, highly intelligent, and an amazing sense of humor.

Now a lot of you who may read this except for my classmates and professor, will probably have this weird confused look on their face- “you need a degree to be a librarian?” Yes you do because even though Google can be everyone’s crutch at finding information it takes a librarian to find the right one.  Yet being a librarian is so much more than a right answer finder for users. At the academic library I work at I have seen  the personal level with which librarians support their communities. It was always a goal of mine to find a profession that helps people and makes a difference- and libraries to my joy do just that. Whether helping with reference questions, contacting professors to make sure students have the right resources, planning and executing a budget so that students get the best resources they can, connecting patrons together to collaborate on research, and reminding patrons they are amazing scholars who can accomplish their dreams ( providing baked goods with positive encouragement often creates the best results); Libraries are valuable institutions to their respective communities academic or otherwise and they do help people.

Other tidbits include my love of Egyptian history both past and it’s tumultuous present revolution. I had the pleasure of traveling to Egypt last month with my good friend and stayed amongst her family for a month. Needless to say I fell in love with country the highlights being a hot air balloon ride over Luxor and peeking into the valley of the kings, visiting the Biblioteca Alexandrina which houses the back up to the Internet Archive, and meeting the wonderful people of Egypt.


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