The new form of the Library

Hello All!

Recently, the USF Main Campus Library is  no longer going to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. This caused some uproar amongst the students and after some protests the University stated the library was going to resume back to its 24/7 hours. Interestingly enough the hours of the library do not relate to the services the library provides such as reference help and information literacy instruction. So this protest was over having a space to study. A space which could have been in any building, which in hindsight didn’t have 6 floors worth of utility bills. I thought that a cheaper alternative would be to have a study room created in every dorm dedicated for the purpose of studying.

I have inserted a poll below for students in the Web Design class to give their opinion on the environment libraries provide. Please post comments as well. With libraries constantly needing to prove themselves as a value to their communities I feel that services the library provides need to be constantly evaluated. Library as space is a popular research topic. In the case of USF’s 24/7 study hours protests we should have a  critical eye.  Will the opening the library  be cost effective and  is the funding going to the best resources for the students, something librarians will have to observe as time goes on.


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